Refrigerant C-30 (Cold 134)

Refrigerant C-30 (Cold 134)

Refrigerant C-30 (Cold 134) Aerosol Packaging Canned Spray Aerosol Cans Aerosol Filling Manufacturers Aerosol Packaging Manufacturers Chaturong Cooling Limited Partnership
Chaturong Cooling Limited Partnership Phone: +662-923-1102, 02-923-1886, 02-190-1978 Fax: +662-923-1887 Mobile: +6681-823-4061

Product Name: C-30 (cold 134)
Price: 188.-  (Included Vat)

Brand Name:
Brand Name:Chat Cooling
Place of Origin:
Place of Origin:Nonthaburi
Last Update:
Last Update: June 18, 2019 9:18 pm
Chaturong Cooling Limited Partnership Phone: +662-923-1102, 02-923-1886, 02-190-1978 Fax: +662-923-1887 Mobile: +6681-823-4061

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Company Name: Chaturong Cooling Limited Partnership
Contact Person: Chaturong Cooling
Address: 39/4-5 S.P.K. Factory Land, Moo 4, Bangbuathong-Suphanburi Rd.
Sub-district: Laharn
Country: Thailand
Zip Code: 11110
Phone: +662-923-1102, 02-923-1886, 02-190-1978
Fax: +662-923-1887
Mobile: +6681-823-4061
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