• Aerosol Filling Service
  • Aerosol Filling Service

Aerosol Filling Service

Aerosol Filling Service


Chaturong Cooling Limited Partnership  began operations from the year 1966 by Mr. Ruk and Mrs. Puanchain Charastrakul.

The company started out as cooling system manufacturer to domestic customers and later expanded its operation to cater to the international market. Today, we have diversified our business to cover a wide range of products which can be divided into three categories as follows :

1. Chatcooling : Refrigeration Products Chiller System, Refrigeration Gases, Heat Exchanger, Refrigeration Spare Parts.

2. ChatChem : Customized Solution Gases, Special Hydrocarbon Gas, Oil Compressor for Refrigerant System, Agriculture Based Chemical, Chemical for Water Treatment.

3. ChatIndustry : OEM, Sales and Rental Services Filling Services, Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Gas Detector, Container & Accessories, Cylinders, Can Valves, Refrigerant Transfer Pump, Recovery Unit for Refrigerant.


Products for Sale

Separator Dust Spray

Price: 270 - 445 ฿ (+ Vat 7%)

Portable Oxygen

Price: 134 ฿ (+ Vat 7%)

Refrigerant K-10 (R600a)

Price: 204 ฿ (+ Vat 7%)

Refrigerant C-30 (Cold 134)

Price: 188 ฿ (+ Vat 7%)

Spray Cleaning for Gun

Price: 250 ฿ (+ Vat 7%)

Gun Wipes

Price: 45 ฿ (+ Vat 7%)

Separator BB Gun Power 88

Price: 193 ฿ (+ Vat 7%)

  • Aerosol Cans

    Aerosol Cans

    Various sizes: 35x75, 35x88, 35x110, 35x120, 40x120, 45x155, 50x150, 66x180, 66x190, 80x250, 80x260 mm.

  • Valves for Chemical Industry

    Valves for Chemical Industry

    For Oxygen, Spray Blower, Paint Spray, Conditioning Spray, Sterilizing Solution, Fabric Spray.

  • Valves for Agrochemical

    Valves for Agrochemical

    For Para Lotion, Non-Viscous Liquids, Agricultural Hormone Ethylene, and Insecticide.

  • Valves for Gas

    Valves for Gas

    For BB GUN Gas, Cigarette Lighter, Refrigerant, and Liquid Gas / Cans.

  • Valves for Cosmetics

    Valves for Cosmetics

    For Mineral Water, Non-viscous liquids / For Hair Spray / For Perfume / For UV Spray (Thai) / For UV Spray (Korea)

  • Bag On Valve

    Bag On Valve

    Various sizes are used for cosmetics. Size 75 ml. Size 120 ml. Size 200 ml. Size 250 ml.

  • Actuators for Cosmetic

    Actuators for Cosmetic

    For Hair Spray, Perfume, Cosmetic Powder Containing, Mineral Water Spray, Liquid without Viscosity.

  • Plastic Cover for Cosmetics

    Plastic Cover for Cosmetics

    1 Layer Plastic Cover for Can 22 and 35 mm. 2 Layers Plastic Cover for Can 35, 40, 45 mm.


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Name: Chaturong Cooling
Year Joined: October 2012
Online Postings : Company Profile, Products(24)
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Company Name: Chaturong Cooling Limited Partnership
Registered Address: 39/4-5 S.P.K. Factory Land, Moo 4, Bangbuathong-Suphanburi Rd. Laharn 11110
Country/Territory: Thailand

Company Name: Chaturong Cooling Limited Partnership
Contact Person: Chaturong Cooling
Address: 39/4-5 S.P.K. Factory Land, Moo 4, Bangbuathong-Suphanburi Rd.
Sub-district: Laharn
Country: Thailand
Zip Code: 11110
Phone: +662-923-1102, 02-923-1886, 02-190-1978
Fax: +662-923-1887
Mobile: +6681-823-4061
E-Mail: sureeporn@chatcooling.com
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